Cancer as a Turning Point

cancer as a turning point

For me, having breast cancer was a permission slip to get real. The courage to show up exactly as I am was not a conscious decision in the face of a life-threatening illness.

 It was a moment of grace that transformed my mind and heart, and released me from the self-inflicted prison of conforming to outside expectations, real or imagined. Though the shift in awareness I experienced with my diagnosis came in an instant, fully seeing, accepting and expressing myself has been an unfolding process of deepening trust in the universe and in my Self. In this regard, discovering the practice of SoulCollage® has been nothing short of transformative. Before SoulCollage®, I had never done anything artistic in all my life. As a kid, I was the one who suffered through art class paralyzed by the fear of not “doing it right.” Yet, when I stumbled upon this artistic process, I was immediately captivated by its unique blend of creative expression, self-discovery and spiritual practice. I tore out images from old magazines and began intuitively assembling the collaged cards representing unique aspects of my Self or Soul. The process of exploring my own diversity and depth through images and intuition has been expansive and profoundly healing.

My SoulCollage® cards represent my journey through breast cancer and through life – a dance between Fear and Love that is both uniquely mine and universally human. I hope that my cards will touch a place in you that sees yourself with more clarity, compassion and love. That has been the gift of breast cancer and SoulCollage, and for that I am deeply grateful.