Kathy’s Story


For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for exploring the nature of the Self and, for lack of a better term, the “meaning of it all.”

But, when it came time to choose a career, such a direction seemed self-indulgent, even naive. So, I ignored my psycho-spiritual yearnings in favor of an MBA and challenging positions in strategy consulting and brand management.

But my passion persisted.

I pursued my own path of conscious growth and discovery, mostly in secret, during my 15 years in the corporate world. Eventually, the fact that my “work” self and my “real” self never quite felt like the same person became too painful to ignore. I left the business world with a commitment to explore my passion for spiritual psychology and a desire to create a life that integrated my “real” self into all its elements.

In pursuit of this kind of authentic engagement, I sought teachers, read books, completed trainings in counseling and spiritual direction, and attended workshops on many aspects of spirituality, psychology, and personal growth. I have a voracious appetite for this kind of learning and worked hard to consciously apply it to my roles as wife, mother, community member, sister, daughter, friend…I made a lot of progress, but it was a cancer diagnosis in 2003 that changed the game entirely.

For me, having breast cancer was a permission slip to finally give up the pretense of perfectionism and cultivate the courage to show up exactly as I am. This, of course, is a lifelong journey. However, on the road to authenticity and self-acceptance, discovering the practice of SoulCollage® was nothing short of transformative. I was immediately captivated by the simplicity and power of this unique blend of art, psychology and spirituality. In 2007 I traveled to California to study with Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage® and added this powerful process to my ever-growing “toolbox.” In 2008, I started Tend Your Soul as a way to share what I have learned with others and to help them find permission to be their best and most authentic selves.In 2012, I co-founded LiFT (Living in Flow Together) with friend and colleague, Susan Hyman. We created The LiFT Network as a response to the pervasive desire we saw among women to get unstuck, to move through life’s transitions with more ease and clarity, and to create authentic community. Through LiFT we offer bi-weekly circles and seasonal retreats to individuals coming together for the “soul” purpose of creating new possibilities in their lives, work and world.